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Your Demolition Company

24 hour emergency service

Soluplus Inc offers a turnkey stripping, demolition and decontamination service in the Montreal metropolitan area.

Are you looking for a company that offers a demolition service in the metropolitan area of Montreal? Call our wreckers at 438-994-3598!

With us, your satisfaction is important, that's why our company works hard to exceed your expectations, whether it's a small or a big project, they are all executed safely and as quickly as possible. Our demolition service is aimed at individuals, general contractors, government, cities and businesses. It is offered in the residential, commercial and institutional sector.

Soluplus Inc is your company specializing in demolition, asbestos removal and mold decontamination. We are located in Montreal but also serve the regions of Laval, South Shore and North Shore.


All renovations begin with a demolition whether in the residential, commercial or institutional sector it is important to carry out the work according to the safety standards issued by the cnesst in this way the workers as well as the people around them protect from danger.

All our work is done methodically in order to minimize unnecessary additional costs. Please note that we offer dust-free demolition services. This can be very useful if you plan to have demolition work carried out where you live or live.

Gestionnaires de chantier

Submission and action plan

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execution of demolition works

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