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Asbestos removal Laval

Are you looking for a company expert in asbestos decontamination or asbestos removal in Laval? We are experts in the management of asbestos. Online estimate. Call Soluplus Inc.


  1. asbestos removal and asbestos decontamination Laval

  2.   Remove a stucco or stucco ceiling or wall (popcorn ceiling

  3. Remove plaster containing asbestos

  4. Remove the asbestos tape

  5. Remove vermiculite

décontamination amiante Laval
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plafond stucco amiante Laval

Asbestos Decontamination Service Laval

Soluplus In c offers you a safe asbestos removal service

Our team is specialized, we are experts in asbestos decontamination in the city of Laval.

A fast asbestos removal service on the North Shore of Montreal

Asbestos removal in Laval

It is important to call on a contractor specializing in asbestos removal in Laval who holds a valid RBQ license.

Asbestos removal work requires an RBQ license.

Find out before doing asbestos decontamination in the city of Laval.

Prize for a decontamination project in Laval

the prices of an asbestos decontamination can vary from one project to another here is what can influence the costs,

  1. Complexity

  2. Size

  3. Material type

  4. Residential or commercial

Contact us for a quick online estimate!

The dangers of asbestos

When materials containing asbestos are disturbed or damaged, fibers are released into the air.

When these fibers are inhaled, they can cause serious illness.

they often take a long time to develop, but once diagnosed it is often too late to do anything.


This is why it is important that you protect yourself now.

​Get an online estimate quickly

The experts in decontamination in your city.

Soluplus Inc.

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Reference on asbestos in your city

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