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Décontamination de Vermiculite & Enlèvement

Vermiculite Decontamination & Removal

Vous recherchez des spécialistes en décontamination de vermiculite? Sa tombe bien parce que nous proposons un service d’enlèvement de vermiculite clé en main sécuritaires dans les régions de Montréal, Laval, Longueuil, rive-Sud et Nord, Appelez-nous au 438-994-3598 Nos travaux sont garantis votre satisfaction est importante pour nous, c'est pourquoi nos professionnels peuvent répondre à vos questions durant le processus de décontamination vermiculite prix.


Are you looking for vermiculite decontamination specialists? That's good because we offer a safe vermiculite removal service in the regions of Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, South Shore and North. Our work is guaranteed, your satisfaction is important to us, which is why our professionals can answer your questions during the vermiculite decontamination process.price.


You need a specialized company to remove vermiculite and decontaminate your attic, our vermiculite decontamination service is offered at the best price in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, South Shore and North.

Vermiculite has been used extensively as attic insulation, vermiculite poses hazards to some homeowners because it may contain asbestos. Vermiculite can be problematic in the context of selling, buying a new home, renovating or even demolishing. Our experienced vermiculite decontamination specialists can answer all your questions. Need a quick quote or a turnkey vermiculite decontamination service at a competitive price?

La vermiculite a été utilisé largement comme isolation de grenier, la vermiculite représente des dangers pour certains propriétaires d'un habitation, car elle peut contenir de l’amiante. La vermiculite peut s'avérer problématique dans le contexte de la vente, de l'achat d'une nouvelle maison, de la rénovation ou même de la démolition. Nos spécialistes expérimentés en décontamination de vermiculite peuvent répondre à tous vos questions. Besoin d'une soumission rapide ou un services clé en main décontamination de vermiculite à prix compétitif?

Votre grenier est-il isolé de vermiculite?

Vermiculite decontamination work can be done at a good price, thus increasing the value of your property. If you detect vermiculite insulation in your home, know that there are affordable and safe solutions. Speak now with one of our decontamination specialists in the Montreal, Laval and Longueuil, South and North Shore regions at 438-994-598 or use our online estimate form, we are here to answer your questions. average cost of vermiculite removal.

Service Décontamination de vermiculite

Soluplus Decontamination: Vermiculite - asbestos decontamination service

Qu'est-ce que la décontamination de vermiculite?

La décontamination de la vermiculite consiste à enlever la vermiculite contaminée par l'amiante en utilisant un protocole de sécurité stricte visant à protéger les travailleurs et contenir ces dangereuses fibres d'amiante sous une pression négative. Différent terme similaire à décontamination vermiculite son souvent utilisé par exemple décontamination d'entretoit, décontamination vermiculite amiante, désamiantage de vermiculite et même décontamination de grenier ont toute la même signification en se qui concerne le retrait de vermiculite contaminé.

What is Vermiculite?

Vermiculite is a natural mineral with heat resistant properties. Vermiculite and asbestos form under similar conditions. The two minerals sometimes grow side by side. Used on a large scale in the 1980s, vermiculite is generally used as insulation and is found in attics, attics, walls and under floors. Vermiculite is dangerous if contaminated with asbestos, especially if it comes from the contaminated vermiculite deposit in the town of Libby, Montana. To determine if the vermiculite found in your building is contaminated, you can carry out a laboratory analysis. The cost of this type of analysis usually does not exceed $500.00. If the vermiculite in your attic turns out to be contaminated with asbestos fibres, you must contact an asbestos removal contractor who will decontaminate the vermiculite in your attic. For vermiculite removal costs and procedures, call438-994-3598.

Décontamination vermiculite prix?

Vermiculite decontamination cost

Do you have questions about vermiculite decontamination price? Get the best price for asbestos contaminated vermiculite removal!

Need a price for vermiculite asbestos removal work? Remove cost vermiculite! Here is what can influence the prices where is located the vermiculite, in the walls, in the attic, the under floor, the quantity of vermiculite, the access to the attic are among the factors to be evaluated, the volume of vermiculite to be removed and the materials used for re-insulation. Contact one of our decontamination specialists to obtain the costs associated with your vermiculite work. Our budget forecasts are always very precise and will help you make an informed decision.Questions about vermiculite decontamination work in the attic of your home? Ask for your free professional and safe vermiculite removal and decontamination quote at the best price. Don't wait any longer and contact one of our decontamination specialists by calling 438-994-3598 now. Soluplus Décontamination  your certified vermiculite decontamination contractor in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil.

Pourquoi doit-on retirer la vermiculite?

Why should vermiculite be removed?


Vermiculite must be removed because the asbestos fibers present in vermiculite can cause serious diseases such as asbestosis. Vermiculite contaminated with asbestos represents risks for the occupants of a dwelling, such as chronic respiratory disorders due to the inhalation of asbestos. Vermiculite can cause many problems not only in health, but also in the real estate sales process. Do not lose value on the price of your building, we offer a turnkey vermiculite decontamination and re-insulation service in order to settle everything quickly.  

Beware of Zonolite!

What is zonolite? Zonolite is a dangerous brand of vermiculite containing asbestos it comes from the mine in Libby, Montana marketed by the company WR Grace & Co. it has been used in several varieties of building materials, including home insulation and buildings. From 1963 - 1990 decades of mining exposed workers and residents of the towns of Libby to toxic asbestos dust. Nowadays, an analysis is sufficient to detect asbestos fibers if you discover vermiculite in the attic in the wall or under the floor or touch it, call a decontamination contractor at 438-994-3598.

How do you know if vermiculite contains asbestos?

The only reliable way to know if vermiculite contains asbestos is to test the vermiculite in the laboratory, but how much does a vermiculite test cost? The average vermiculite test price is $500!

retrait vermiculite.jpg

How to recognize vermiculite?

Reconnaître la vermiculite

You think that your attic does not contain vermiculite, but be careful, vermiculite is often hidden under a layer of wool (insulation). But how to recognize vermiculite, it looks like a small pebble of golden brown and gray color it is found in walls, under floors and in attics.

Vermiculite decontamination steps

You have questions about vermiculite decontamination procedures the process can be broken down into 5 steps, i.e. the taking of vermiculite samples for asbestos detection analysis, the temporary installation of an airtight corridor, the final asbestos fiber detection test and re-insulation

  1. Sampling and Analysis

  2. Temporary installation of the hermetic security corridor

  3. Extraction of vermiculite

  4. Asbestos final test

  5. Re-insulation

Vermiculite decontamination

Vermiculite decontamination consists of meticulously removing the vermiculite according to a strict protocol. The first step is to set up a temporary security perimeter to contain the fibers contaminated with asbestos. The 2nd step is the removal of the vermiculite, the 3rd step is to perform a final asbestos detection test to ensure that the air complies with current standards. The last step in this process is the re-insulation of your attic.


Watch out for vermiculite!

Watch out for vermiculite! If you detect vermiculite in your home, do not touch it. You must contact a professional who will take samples for analysis to detect asbestos fibres.

remove vermiculite yourself?

A very bad idea, it is strongly recommended that you do not attempt to remove the vermiculite yourself. In doing so, you run serious health risks if you contaminate the air in your home with asbestos particles. Removing vermiculite yourself involves several dangers, call on vermiculite decontamination specialists given the dangers that this represents. You must have the correct personal protective equipment. Contact our decontamination company for your vermiculite problems, let our experts carry out this task.

Estimation en ligne: Décontamintion Vermiculite

Online estimate: Vermiculite decontamination Attic

Do you want to get a quote, a price, an estimate for the decontamination of vermiculite and the re-insulation of your attic or attic?

How to properly complete the estimate form?

Necessary information !

  1. What is the building type duplex triplex house etc?

  2. Where is your attic accessible outside or inside?

  3. What are the measurements of the attic? you do not know, what are the measurements of the living area example 875 PI2?

  4. Are there several types of insulation in your attic, for example vermiculite and mineral wool?

  5. Want to include re-insulation in the estimate?

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