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Mold Removal & Remediation, Montreal

black mold attic

Pouvez-vous m'expliquer ce qu'est la décontamination de la moisissure?

La décontamination de moisissure consiste à éliminer les moisissures présentes dans un espace pour réduire les risques pour la santé et prévenir les dommages structurels. Cela implique généralement l'identification de la source de l'humidité, la suppression physique des moisissures, le nettoyage des surfaces contaminées, et la mise en place de mesures pour prévenir la réapparition de la moisissure.

Do you have a Mold problem? To make it disappear or for a mold removal & remediation services, Contact us Soluplus Inc Decontamination from Montréal.


If you have a mold problem you should fix it as soon as possible.


Have you tried to clean mold with a product sold in supermarkets?  mold stains coming back on the walls of your house?


you have removed the mold stain but not the spores

it can affect the air quality in your home putting your family's health at risk

If you try to cover up a mold stain this does not solve your problem, the mold can still travel to other rooms in your home.

For safe decontamination of mold you find on walls, ceilings, attics or basements, contact us now at 438-994-3598

We use the latest technology and follow iirsst mold decontamination protocols.


Our work is guaranteed, if the air quality test is not satisfactory we resume the decontamination work at our expense.

For more information contact us for a free estimate.

The molds

Mold is a type of fungus that lives almost anywhere there is moisture, oxygen, and organic matter. Mold plays an important role in nature because it helps break down organic material. However, mold found indoors can cause health problems , as well as structural problems to buildings.

Mold removal procedures

The most common methods of decontaminating a house with mold are,

  1. the fungicide

  2. the stain remover

  3. HEPA filters

For any problem related to mold contact our mold decontamination experts. We can help you. re team offers you a decontamination plan adapted to your situation. We have the right equipment.

reference: mold decontamination

Mold in the house?

Here is the information from the Government of Canada and Government of Quebec regarding the presence of mold in a home.

The City of Montreal has also published a very interesting article which talks about mold decontamination.

How to recognize mold?

Most of us are aware of the dangers that come with mold and are keen to avoid them, but how do you know if you have mold? Below, we've listed some common signs of mold to help you better spot it on your own.

  • The smell

  • humidity

  • cannabis cultivation

  • wet materials

  • water infiltration

  • yellow spot

  • poorly insulated

Eliminate mold in the house

Being exposed to mold can lead to health problems here are some examples:

  • irritation of the eyes, nose and throat;

  • runny nose, sinus congestion, cold-like symptoms;

  • wheezing;

  • cough;

  • increased frequency and severity of asthma attacks;

  • chronic fatigue, headaches.

Look here for additional information on related symptom mold and tricks to remove black mold.

the danger of mold

When you discover the presence of mold it is often too late and the problem has already affected your home, causing it to lose value. You must act very quickly to stop the spread of mold call a mold remediation expert in your area.

Soluplus Inc

Experts in mold and asbestos removal

Soluplus Inc demolition and decontamination is a company that specializes in the mold remediation and asbestos abatement.

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