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Demolition contractors in Montreal

Le service de démolition résidentielle consiste en la démolition de logements, de maisons unifamiliales, de plex également destinés à la démolition intérieure ou extérieure, non structurelle.

Service démolition résidentielle

Soluplus Inc offers its expertise for demolition of all kinds in Montreal, Laval, and South Shore. Contact our demolition experts ready to answer you.

Demolition company from Montreal

Whatever the size of your demolition project, Soluplus Inc guarantees you satisfaction! Whether for partial or complete demolition, a wall, ceiling, partial or complete stripping, we can help you call our demolition experts for more information at 438-994-3598.

You are looking for a certified contractor specializing in demolition in Montreal, Laval, South Shore, Lanaudière. Look no further, our company offers you a fast and safe demolition (stripping) service. Our services are aimed at individuals, general contractors, government, cities and businesses. Contact us now for a free estimate.

Call a demolition contractor at: 438-994-3598

About demolition service in your city

The demolition service is a delicate operation aimed at removing the various components that constitute it from a building. For any questions regarding interior or exterior demolition, please contact our specialists by calling438-994-3598.

Demolition in Montreal and surroundings area

The reputation of Soluplus Inc comes from our dedicated and experienced employees, from supervisors to the top of the chain, from our management. Teamwork makes the difference. Our clients are General Contractor, Individual, City, Government and others. Our mission is to carry out your demolition project on time, following safety standards.

Contractors Specialized in Demolition in Montreal

Soluplus Inc is equipped to manage and control the elimination of dust and to protect the public and the perimeters from the dust generated by the demolition. We offer a secure service in Montreal, Laval and the South Shore.


Specialized contractors

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Asbestos removal

Mold decontamination

Competetive price

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  You can count on us for partial or complete stripping services in residential, commercial and industrial settings. We offer  Soluplus Inc with 15 years of experience stands out for its efficiency and speed of execution. We also offer competitive rates. v

démolition salle de bain

When you design your perfect space, you don't always start from scratch with a new construction, the perfect design can start with demolition. Soluplus Inc Demolition is the first step to making your perfect home or business a reality. We can use an existing structure, make small changes to suit your needs rather than doing a complete demolition by remodeling, we are able to remodel your space and create a whole new look inside and or outside. exterior to give you the space you've always wanted! Our teams are located in Montreal, call us and share your vision for a free estimate!

Demolition permit by city

Before starting the demolition you must request a demolition permit from your city at least 2 weeks before the work due to processing times.

The experts in stripping and demolition in Montreal.

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