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Asbestos decontamination Montreal Soluplus

Are you looking for a good company for asbestos decontamination in Montreal and the surrounding area? Our team is taking matters into their own hands. We are fast and efficient, trust Soluplus to carry out your asbestos decontamination work in Montreal.

Asbestos is dangerous if you discover the presence of asbestos in your home in Montreal, contact our experts now. Crumbly asbestos can easily emit fibers into the air which poses a risk to your health.

List of common materials that could contain asbestos in Montreal,

  • Stucco (stucco)

  • The Ceiling Texturizer (popcorn)

  • The plaster

  • The plaster joint

  • The plaster wall (wooden slat)

  • Cement

  • Pipe insulation

  • The attic insulation (attic)

  • Floor or ceiling tile

  • Asbestos board (cement)

  • Vermiculite

Allow Soluplus Inc. to perform your asbestos removal work in your area, leaving you with peace of mind knowing that the asbestos has been completely and safely removed. We are ready to answer your call now at 438-994-3598.


Asbestos decontamination in Montreal? The Soluplus company is the solution to your problems! Rapid asbestos decontamination service in Montreal

We offer you a turnkey asbestos decontamination service. Asbestos removal work in Montreal must begin with an analysis of the air or the materials to be removed, to verify the presence of asbestos. Our teams specializing in asbestos decontamination can perform the sampling so you do not need to look for another company. We take care of everyone. 

Asbestos decontamination Montreal

Professional and safe asbestos removal service in Montreal. Contact our experts now for a free estimate.

About asbestos decontamination in Montreal

Almost all the buildings or houses built in the years 1900-1980 in the city of Montreal were constructed with materials made from asbestos. This is why before undertaking demolition work in an old building, it is always necessary to analyze the friable and non-friable materials likely to contain asbestos. Because asbestos involves health risks.

contractor specializing in asbestos decontamination in Montreal

Our asbestos decontamination team follows protocols in Montreal according to the following risks: low, moderate or high. Our experts manage all the risks in order to carry out safe asbestos removal work. For asbestos decontamination in Montreal. Contact us for a free estimate.

Asbestos removal work in Montreal

Anyone who performs asbestos decontamination in Montreal must comply with very strict standards and respect asbestos decontamination protocols.

The first step is to apply for a temporary permit for asbestos removal work from the city of Montreal at least 2 weeks before the asbestos decontamination work for help filling out the permit application contact us .

Montreal asbestos decontamination expert

Our team of experts takes care of all decontamination work in Montreal,  

in order to protect you from the risks associated with asbestos exposure. With 15 years of experience in the field, you can be sure that we make sure your project meets your expectations. Health and safety is very important to us.

Our work is guaranteed if the final test reveals a concentration of asbestos fibers higher than the standard, we will resume the work free of charge. 

We are the experts in asbestos decontamination in Montreal.

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