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Asbestos removal Longueuil

décontamination amiante Longueuil.jpg

Are you looking for an asbestos decontamination or asbestos removal company in Longueuil on the South Shore of Montreal?

We are experts in the management of asbestos.

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Photos of asbestos removal and asbestos decontamination in Longueuil

The services offered

1. Asbestos decontamination and asbestos removal on the South Shore of Montreal

2. Remove a stucco or stucco ceiling or wall (popcorn ceiling)


3. Demolition of walls or ceilings

containing asbestos

4. Remove plaster containing asbestos

5. Remove the asbestos tape

6. Remove the vermiculite

décontamination amiante
décontamination moisissure
démolition de plâtre contenant de l'amiante
décontamination amiante Longueuil
décontamination plafond stucco

Our asbestos removal services are also offered for the south shore Brossard, Saint-Hubert, Boucherville, Saint-Lambert.

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