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How much does vermiculite decontamination cost?

$7 - $13 per square foot

Coût décontamination de vermiculite


Prix décontamination vermiculite

vermiculite amiante


What is the cost of vermiculite decontamination

What are the costs associated with vermiculite removal? The price of vermiculite decontamination  is calculated according to the size of the surface to be treated and the number of types of insulation to be removed.  Some factors may vary this tariff  for example the number of sealed corridor installations accessibility to the work area, some houses have better access than others which facilitates decontamination work.

Price / average cost vermiculite decontamination

Need to know the approximate cost of a vermiculite decontamination service in the attic no problem we need some information for example what is the area of the attic, how many floors in the house, where is the entrance of 'access ect.  For a detailed quote with all the costs related to vermiculite decontamination work, contact our specialists at438-994-3598  or fill out our formonline estimate

Vermiculite decontamination price list

  • Vermiculite decontamination in the attic $5,000 to $10,000

  • Vermiculite decontamination in walls $3000 to $7500

  • Decontamination of vermiculite under floor $2500 to $6000

  • Air quality test (Asbestos)  $500

  • Vermiculite test sampling $500

  • Demolition $5000 to $10000

Price calculation

  1. Accessibility

  2. Mobility

  3. Area

  4. Type of contaminated materials

  5. Number of insulation type

  6. Number of security zones to be installed

  7. Interior demolition

  8. Type of insulation for re-insulation

Estimation en ligne

Décontamination vermiculite

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