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Decontamination | Mold | Asbestos

need a decontamination service?

Soluplus Decontamination

The expert in Decontamination (asbestos, vermiculite, mould) located in Montreal, we also serve the regions of Laval, Longueuil South Shore and North call us at 438-994-3598

What is Decontamination?

Decontamination is an operation aimed at extracting or inerting contaminants. (including toxic and/or ecotoxic industrial chemicals, contaminants of agro-industrial origin (pesticides), radionuclides, war toxicants) of a liquid, soil, habitat or environment.

In Quebec, the most used decontamination services are mold decontamination, soil decontamination, asbestos decontamination, radon decontamination, lead decontamination, etc.

Each type of decontamination requires a different security protocol. It is important that your decontamination work be carried out by professionals.

How much does decontamination cost?

Decontamination price or decontamination cost

price calculation:

  1. Accessibility

  2. Mobility

  3. Area

  4. Type of contaminated materials

  5. Level of contamination, low medium high

  6. Number of decontamination zones to be installed

  7. Interior demolition

  8. Time

décontamination moisissure

Mold decontamination

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décontamination d'amiante

asbestos decontamination

1. Sampling and analysis

2. Installation of hermetic safety zones

3. Demolition under negative pressure

4.Cleaning and filtration type (HEPA)

5. Spraying an encapsulating agent

6. Air quality test for completion​​​​​

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Vermiculite decontamination

Vermiculite can be dangerous if it contains asbestos fibres. it is often found in the attic

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Attic Decontamination

Most homeowners never go up to their attic, so the mold problem can grow undetected, often for months and even years.

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décontamination de moisissure
Décontamination de l'entretoit
décontamination amiante

The decontamination protocol

Indoor mold must be removed according to a safety protocol to avoid escalating the situation and exposing occupants and workers to mold. It is recommended to use the services of a company specialized  in decontamination to carry out the decontamination work. To protect you from mold spores



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